Hometown Girl

Just a small town girl, living in a mining world!

In June of 1993 I was born in the small mining town of Thompson, Manitoba. Shortly after I was born my parents packed me up and moved us to Southern Manitoba. Neither of my parents ever worked in the mining industry but the rest of my family did.

My Grandpa worked as a welder for INCO and volunteered as firefighter in his spare time. Following in his footsteps my two Uncles both worked in the mines. One remained in Thompson working for Vale leading the mine rescue team, while the other travelled the world for work at various mines.

Although my mothers parents never worked in mining both her brothers work for Vale in Thompson as well. One holds two red seals, as a mechanic and a millwright while the other is an electrician.

I began returning to Thompson in my mid teens to work for Manitoba Conservation. I met my two best friends during that time who both come from mining families! No surprise really as the entire town was built around the mines and the mines employ most locals.

Although Thompson is my hometown by birth I didn’t spend my entire life there. Quite the opposite actually, however it has influenced my passion for mining and will always have a piece of my heart.

Photo Credit Amanda Jacobs
(I met her working at a mine in Ontario but she grew up in Thompson as well)

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